Cargo Tricycle Carry Up To 1,300 Lbs

Cargo Tricycle Carry Up To 1,300 Lbs



2 models Narrow and Standard   Agent located near San Francisco USA
November 16, 2014
Specifications: I am an agent, not the manufacturer. The manufacturer has been in business for many years and these are very successful, broadly used models. The purpose of this advertising is to draw interest as to orders and deliveries. We are serious and we can deliver any amount of units. We will need time to set up terms of payment and delivery. Manufacturer is located in the Pacific Ocean. Please be advised that the phone and fax numbers on my profile have been altered because of the high number of unsolicited calls received. To contact Roland Parks Realty, please send email to ask for further contact information. CARGO TRICYCLE - 2 MODELS Mig Welding Half Moon weight regulator with lever 10 gage spikes in the front and 12 gage spikes in the back. Small model Narrow bed (47.24 in X 31.5 in) Carry up to 650 lbs Standard model Standard bed (59.06 in X 39.37 in) Carry up to 1,300 lbs


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Location: Agent located near San Francisco USA
Quantity Available: 0
Minimum Order: 0 Unit/Units
Price for Minimum Order: 0 USD
Sample Available: No
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Contact Information

Mr. Mr. Roland Parks
Company: Roland Parks Realty
Address: Po Box 4671, Chico, California, United States , , ,
Zip/Postal: 95928
Telephone: 1-530-6806854--
Fax: 1-530-8935298--

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